Objectives and Values


Agnes Mirembe Executive Director:

We are greatly indebted to all our partners. The respective District Local Governments where we implement our projects and the community we serve have been very cooperative in 2019/2020. I also wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the BOD who have continued to provide support and guidance to the staff. Special thanks to the staff for the tremendous work done during the past year in terms of implementing the different programs. .

Mrs Kimbugwe Priscilla Nkwenge Board Chair:

I express my appreciation to ARUWE staff, donors and various stakeholders whotogether supported empowerment of rural communities especially women and children. I am also grateful to the Board of Directors who have supported ARUWE to reach thus far in the previous year. Through close collaboration with communities and local leadership, ARUWE has learnt a lot about the needs of communities in ARUWE operational areas. I extend my appreciation to all those authorities and partners without whom we would not have registered all the remarkable achievements registered in this report. In the previous year, ARUWE has many achievements to talk about. My special thanks goes to the Executive Director and her team for a job well done amidst different challenges. ARUWE with support from her partners will continue raise her efforts towards addressing all the issues that affect women, children and youth in order for them to realize their full social, economic and civic potential. I am optimistic ARUWE has and will continue to build capacity for our staff and communities to measure to challenges as they unfold.