Meet grandmother Ndagire Gertrude, 73, living with seven grandchildren in Gayaza village. Thanks to seed inputs and training in improved farming practices from ARUWE, she has managed to harvest around 2,000kg of maize and 150kg of beans, meaning she can now feed her household members three times a day and have extra to sell for profit.

Gertrude intends to sell her maize corn at Ush650 (26$) per kilo, this will give her an income of Ush1,300,000 ($526). She plans to save 20% in her group savings circle and use the rest to expand her garden from two acres to five acres, establish a one acre garden for beans and an acre garden of pineapple. Having observed the local market, she has learnt that these three crops are marketable and can generate a good income.

Gertrude is grateful that through seed inputs from ARUWE she has managed to have better harvest which provided her household with enough food to eat and as well as to sell. Motivated by this, she has committed to work even harder to improve her household livelihood. She has inspired her neighbours to learn improved farming practices and increase their farm outputs.

A world in which communities, especially women and their children are able to realize their full social, economic and civic potential.

To support and enable communities to have good governance that respects their rights and needs to be able to initiate and manage their socio-economic development processes.